About the Association:
  • Q. Who is eligible for MSCE Connect membership?
  • A. Once you are admitted and registered in the MSCE program at TUM you become eligible to join MSCE Connect.
  • Q. How do I become a member of MSCE Connect?
  • A. All you have to do is validate your status as an MSCE student or Alumnus by registering on this site.
  • Q. Are there any fees required for MSCE Connect Association membership?
  • A. Membership is free.
  • Q. How can I stay involved with MSCE Connect?
  • A. Many activities are being organized. We hope that you join us in some of them. You can also make use of all services provided on the website or by the association. We will be also happy if you send us comments or suggestions.
About the Website:
  • Q. How can I get in touch with my old classmates, professors, etc.?
  • A. It is already possible for members to search the list of all classmates. These features will also be expanded and improved with time.
  • Q. How to get a list of alumni near my residence area?
  • A. This feature will be available in the near future.
  • Q. How can I get contacts about a job?
  • A. For professional discussions and communication, we recommend joining our LinkedIn Group.
About the Master and Life in Munich:
  • Q. I have questions about or related to TUM or the MSCE program.
  • A. Information about TUM and the MSCE program can be found on their respective websites at www.tum.de and www.master.ei.tum.de.
  • Q. I have question regarding life in Munich.
  • A. The MSCE website provides some related information. These issues will also be addressed here at MSCE Connect in the near future.