MSCE Connect is a student organization created to network all current and former students of the international MSCE master program offered by TUM. These students and young professionals come from very diverse backgrounds and nationalities, and constitute an elite pool of engineers with high potential. To take advantage of the manifold opportunities arisen, MSCE Connect is ready to provide them with a collection of activities and support student-based initiatives to bring this community together.
The three major aspects - social, academic and professional - addressed by the efforts of MSCE Connect are contemplated on its mission statement:
To network present and former students of the MSCE Program and provide them with meaningful social and academic activities based on their needs as well as initiatives to improve their careers and professional lives.
These goals will be achieved through close interaction between students, alumni, faculty members and industry. For this reason, MSCE Connect works on building bridges between these elements and harmonizing their interests.
The organization consists of a directory board and executive task forces, formed by present and former students alike. The board plays the role of taking major decision and steering the activities in which MSCE Connect is involved. The task forces implement the guidelines and work cooperatively.
Members who are willing to participate actively in the organization are welcome to join it. All the organizing members should be committed and responsible to their tasks.